Patient Engagement/Hygiene Scheduling Coordinator

  • DEPARTMENT: Administrative
  • EXPERIENCE: 45 Years
  • EMAIL: Mildred@dcperio.com
  • PHONE: (202) 659 – 3500


Mildred Jennings is Patient Engagement/Hygiene Scheduling Coordinator. Mildred has been with the office since 1981 when it was the Office of Dr. Stein and continued her tenure with DC Perio since 2008. Mildred is known by most of the patients as being calm, soothing, and compassionate. She has fostered relationships with many of DC Perio’s patient for as long as 40 years Mildred has over 50 years in the dental field and brings a wide range of expertise with her focus on building trust and relationships. Mildred is reliable, consistent and effective in her role. Greeting patients with value, thanking them for coming to our practice, and acknowledging the referrer is what she is committed to doing each day. Mildred was born in Sharon Pennsylvania and moved to the DMV. It is in the DMV where she meet her husband whom she has been married to since 1982. Outside of DC Perio, Mildred enjoys reading, crocheting, and spending time with her husband. DC Perio has the pleasure of introducing you to Mildred who is devoted and dedicated to the mission of the office and ensuring customer service is provided in the best interest of the patients.

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